Project proposal

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Project Description:

All the events which happen at Binghamton University can be registered using the BU registration web page. All the students and college faculty can register for events and participate for the events. 


Rose M. Williams 

Proposed Project Team:

Sri Harshini Kondra, B00868069

Anusha Deshpande, B00868144

Samaikhya Kosuru, B00865336

Nikhila Aurva, B00849848

Identity of other stakeholders:

 1)Binghamton University 2)Students and Working staff in Binghamton University.

Scope of work to be completed this semester:

1)Login Page and Registration. 
2)User friendly Dashboard 
3)Homepage with Upcoming Events, Login or Signup button.
4)Login Page Signup Page Register Page Create/Show Event Page Create button to submit details to create event Show button to Show events View Event Details Page  Leave Event Edit Event Delete event


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