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BU Guide

An application for quick and easy access to precise information and data about Binghamton University from an international graduate student prospect. It also helps the University highlight its facilities and features and let the student explore accordingly for their interest specific sections.


The Binghamton Student Guide acts as a simple yet very informative and useful medium for users trying to know more about the university. Our primary users would be the staff members and the current as well as prospective students.

Initial Contributors

Sujoy Das

Stephen Molaro

Nirmal Kumar

Jarrod Stone

Kshitija Patil

Precisely, the project would be a static as well as a dynamic website, currently limited to the graduate student Computer Science department. Depending on the type of user and what privileges they have. Segregation of information for organized and quick access to relevant data is our aim. An interactive website thus helps in retrieving the perfect information the user needs without wasting much time in searching the entire website and going through the information which they don't need at that point of time.


source ''

ruby '2.3.4'

'rails', '4.2.5'

'sass-rails', '5.0'

'uglifier', '1.3.0'

'coffee-rails', '4.1.0'

'cucumber', '2.0.0'

'capybara', '2.4.4'

'jbuilder', '2.0'

'sdoc', '0.4.0'

'rspec-rails', '3.7.2'

'capybara', '2.4.4'

'web-console', '2.0'

All other gems (without specific versions) are found in the gemfile

Instructions For Continuation

  1. Get the database setup with "rake db:migrate"
  2. Seed the database with some initial data using "rake db:seed" (this step is not required)
  3. Run the server via the command "rails -server -p $PORT -b $IP"

Implemented Work


-Course Details(Add/edit/delete)

-Professor Details(Add/edit/delete)

-Omniauth Facebook login

-Sign Up

-Display list of USers

Future Work

-Semester-Wise calculation

-Frequently Asked Question

-Contact Us

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Type Points Labels State

Unavailable Courses - Link Break (NKB SM SSD)


OmniAuth-Facebook (SSD SM NKB)


Validate registered user (SM KKP JMS)


Update professor class list if new course is added with that professor (JMS KKP SM)