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• Project Description: The BU Off-Campus Guide acts as an informative and useful medium for students (currently limited to the Binghamton students) trying to know more about off-campus housing and stay in Binghamton. Our aim is to provide an interactive website for quick access to information that the students need while in Binghamton, without much hassle and wasting time in browsing through multiple websites. This is a new project.

• Customer Definition: Prof. Rose Williams 

• Project Team: 
1] Devina Sachin Dhuri 
2] Purva Thakkar 
3]Abhijeet Mahajan 
4] Scott Mason
5] Michael Quinn
6] Johan Ferreras

• Identity of other stakeholders:
➢ Requester/Client
➢ The Project Lead
➢ The Developers
➢ Current and Potential Students
➢ City of Binghamton

• Minimum Viable Product: 
➢ Registration and login page. 
➢ Dashboard to make it user friendly 
➢ Off campus Housing 
➢ Travel 
➢ Necessities/Essentials 
➢ FAQ 
➢ Contact Us 

• Initial tasks that must be implemented to launch your project: 
➢ Prepare a presentation that gives a brief overview about the project 
➢ Pitch the project idea to form a team 
➢ Get an approval for the presented idea 
➢ Register the project with AgileVentures 
➢ Create a PivotalTracker account and GitHub account for the project
➢ Manage the project development the 'Agile' way

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