Project Proposal

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Software Engineering (CS-545-02) Project Proposal

·      Name of the Project: BU Shift Swapper

·      Purpose of the Project: The BU Shift Swapper is a great medium for students and managers to plan and schedule shifts for on-campus jobs at Binghamton University. We want to provide an interactive website for easy scheduling and quick access to shift information.

·       Salient Features

o   Interactive Dashboard

o   User Profile/Account Access

o   User Registration

o   List of Dining Halls

·      Stakeholders

o   Developers

o   Product Owner

o   Binghamton University

o   Current Student Employees

·      Minimum Viable Product

o   Login/Registration for Employees

o   List of Dining Locations

o   Dashboard for adding and covering shifts.

o   FAQ and Quick links

o   User profile & Account Access

·      Optional Features

o   Integration with Blackboard

·      What sets the project apart: The development of this project will streamline the whole process of planning and scheduling shifts as everything could be done using the website, which otherwise is done using different WhatsApp group amongst the students which is not that efficient and well documented. 


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