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BU Student Tutor Pairing Project

Oftentimes finding assistance on campus means that you have to search through a lot of different resources just to find the help you need. It shouldn’t be that difficult. Our goal is to create a website which matches students with tutors who are specialized in whichever subject the student needs. This website will be a one-stop place for students to quickly and easily search for specialized help in any subject. Our project will provide a platform for teachers or other educators to provide their services as a tutor, and a place for students to share their own notes with others. It will also greatly simplify the process of finding the help you need as a student. Project Team: Jacob Ditkoff Devi Kalidindi Darren Liu Viswa Baddula Thomas Horowitz Jillian Montgomery Customer: Rose M. Williams List of essential features: 1) User sign-up 2) Search for courses/subjects 3) Scheduling a tutor session for a subject Additional features: 1) Create/upload student notes for a subject 2) Forum for students to ask questions to each other Initial tasks that must be implemented to launch this project: 1) Discuss and finalize the overall requirements 2) Design a User Interface sketch 3) Create an overall design 4) Create storyboard 5) Setup Project with Pivotal Tracker and AgileVentures 6) Create features and build user stories

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