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Business Review Platform

For this project, we intend to create a web application that shall allow users associated with a college or university to generate and view ratings and reviews of local businesses.

The Business Review Platform (BRP, pronounced burp) is a business ratings platform for anyone with a .edu email address, which focuses on streamlining the review process, encouraging more frequent reviews. The app has two markets, reviewers and business owners.

For reviewers, the app estimates which business you are currently in using geolocation, and prompts you for a rating upon opening the page. This cuts the time between intent to review and actual review down significantly. In the MVP, the app will prompt with a list of nearby businesses, and the user can rate from there.

For business owners, this app provides invaluable data such as which times customers are most satisfied, average time between visits and much more. College students often bring outside money into the local economy, and this app helps business owners keep track of that.

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