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Car Sales System

The aim of this project is to create a web application for Car Sales System, that allows the users to search, view, order used cars from a dealer.

In the existing System it is difficult to maintain the car information individually and to supply for the customers who are eager to buy them. Customer has to face difficulty in order to know the information of car like manufacturing year, car model and other valuable information in a single domain. Our main idea is to develop a system where we can have all the required information for the user in order to effectively interest him in the process of buying a car. In the Proposed System, application can maintain car details like manufacturer, year of manufacturing, price and model etc. We can also view all the car details which are kept for sale effectively and we can search for our desired car. With this Customer can get the information quickly like car details which have been entered clearly. This application mainly consists of 5 modules: user module, admin module, dealer module, viewing all cars module, adding cars module. Admin Module: This module is purely for an administrator of the site. He can view the users and dealers. He can upload different car details for which dealer can ask or user can ask. User Module: User can view all the car details which is uploaded by the admin as well as by the dealer. He can give the feedback to the admin as well as to the dealer. He can book the car. Dealer Module: Dealer can view all the car details which are uploaded by the admin. He can view the entire booking request done by the users. He can give the feedback to the admin as well as to the user. He can ask for the car also from admin. Adding Car Details: Here Admin and dealer can add the car details which is useful for user as well as user to calculate which car is more beneficial and best for booking. Viewing All Car Details: Here in this module, customer can view car details in order to buy the car. This information will be helpful for the customers to know about car details. Results: In comparison to the existing systems the proposed system will be efficient in providing a market for various dealers to sell cars in a single platform and will also be give the customer a simple but efficient platform to communicate, comment, express his views on the various products offered by the dealer. Conclusions: The project can be expanded into a domain for reviews and comparing models of cars.

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