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The "Mission Statement"

"Women’s representation in the computing and information technology workforce has been falling. I want to make computer science attractive for young girls and help them pursue an career within information technology.

I want to reach out to girls that normally don’t come in contact with computer science and demystify the world of engineering. I want to make young girls excited about the creative part of software development and i want them to feel the same enthusiasm we all felt the first time we created a program and saw the words “hello World” on the screen.

What can I as a symbol for a female software engineer offer in terms of knowledge? (You know that I’m not a real person - but rather a conceptual being, right?)

I Believe that the reign of the macho-code-ninja-programmers and corporate-bossy-boss-project-managers are over. Modern software engineering has a strong emphasis on working together, cooperation and self-organising teams. I am convinced that people are the most important factor in all software projects, irrespective of the approach or methodology used.

My plan is to set up weekly girls-only classes and teach young students not only programming skills, but also present a number of perspectives addressing various aspects of the interpersonal relationships and communications skills that are needed in teams.

I need your help in order to make this happen. I’m in the process of building a webbased tool for course delivery and content management. I need technology support, but more important than that, I need some strong female role models to back me up and help me spread the gospel of the beauty of programming and software engineering.

Get in touch with me at"

Codealia has a new friend: Hackeberry ;-)


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