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  • We want to be part of the solution to the problem that arises from the existing lack of balance between women and men in the IT industry
  • We want to spark an interest for computer science in young girls by delivering fun and engaging coding classes.
  • We combine web based training with instructor led classes in order to get the best possible effects.
  • We take an experience based approach in our courses and curriculums.
  • We encourage crowdsourced learning  - a form of collaborative pedagogyin order to boost creativity 
  • We have a strong, international and well balanced project team
  • We have no outside funding and need help in order to make this a reality


As Software engineers -  we are worried that there are way to few female colleagues in our industry - and we sincerely believe that it leads to poor quality of the software we produce. 

We want to help to change that and make computer science attractive for young women and help them pursue careers within information technology.

We are not saying that every young girl needs to learn how to code - we say that every one should be given a fair chance to explore IF they have a talent for software engineering and be able to make an informed choice about the future.

The Problem 

The face of the workforce is changing.  It is increasingly female, global and digital. Women already make up half the workforce, yet women’s representation in the computing and information technology workforce has been falling. 

Although teenage girls are now using computers and the Internet at rates similar to their male peers, they are five times less likely to consider a technology-related career or plan on taking post-secondary technology classes.

That poses a problem both for the individual, that are stopped from fulfilling their potential, and for the industry and society as a whole. We should do whatever we can to achieve a balance of sexes within the workforce.

We believe that the reign of the macho-code-ninja-programmers and corporate-bossy-boss-project-managers are over. Modern software engineering has a strong emphasis on working together, cooperation and self-organizing teams. We are convinced that people are the most important factor in all software projects, irrespective of the approach or methodology used. 

The Solution 

The goal of the project is to create a palette of tools that individuals and organizations can use to deliver courses in their communities. Our goal is to offer a complete solution - we will build and open source comprehensive course content, web-based tools for learning, practical information for instructors and organizers and marketing materials.

We want to reach out to girls that normally don’t come in contact with computer science and demystify the world of engineering. I want to make young girls excited about the creative part of software development and we want them to feel the same enthusiasm we all felt the first time we created a program and saw the words “Hello World” on the screen. 

The plan is to work with a local non-profit in Sweden and implement pilot programs in autumn of 2014.

We take an experience based approach in our courses. Based on the behavioral patterns of our target audience, we can achieve a higher level of commitment that creates a good learning atmosphere and leads to better results.

Let's do it! 

Our plan is to set up weekly girls-only classes and teach young students not only programming skills, but also present a number of perspectives addressing various aspects of the interpersonal relationships and communications skills that are needed in teams. 

Codealia wants to be a role model to young women

  • offer an interesting and motivating learning experience
  • make training fun and engaging by connecting with everyday problems 
  • recognize that technology is secondary 

The courses will be delivered for free in cooperation with schools and local non-profits. We plan to use chrome books that we bring with us to the location and introduce the girls to Pair Programming from the very beginning.


The main objective of this project is to spark interest in Software development and programming in young women / girls by: 

  • Teach basic knowledge of methods used in system development projects 
  • Learn the basic techniques for publishing content on the Internet 
  • Reconnect to the participants' daily use of technology (social networking, news, school, etc)

What is going on right now?

We have a ongoing cooperation with a team of volunteer developers and are in the process of building a web based tool for course delivery and content management. 

We have reached out to some strong female role models to back us up and help us spread the gospel of the beauty of programming and software engineering.

We are putting together the curriculum for the courses and writing teaching materials.

The funds we raise in this campaign will be used for: 

  • buy equipment needed for the instructor led courses 
  • reimburse the development team for some of the time they put in into the project
  • finance the technology that we need in order to host our tools
  • professional services like accounting, printing of materials and other stuff that we can not produce in house

This is an Open Source Project

Codealia has no outside funding and has so far been built entirely by voluntary effort and donations of services by the project team.

The project team behind is put together by both female and male Software engineers from all over the world, that want to make a change. We are all involved in, an online open source project incubator initiative. You can read more about AgileVentures on our website.

We are doing everything with full transparency and all materials that are produced within the scope of the project are subject to the MIT licence

You can follow our progress at our project page at, on PivotalTracker and view the source of the web based applications in the projects GitHub repository

We are proudly using Agile methods and Ruby on Rails as the framework to deliver well tested and solid software.

The principal organization behind this project is AGILEVENTURES NONPROFIT LTD., a nonprofit organization registered in the UK, company number: 08929160

And that’s all there is to it.


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