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Developer on-boarding

Updated over 6 years ago by Pete Boucher
Welcome to Codealia 

We're thrilled that you're interested in contributing to the project.

Check out this talk by DeVaris Brown to get a taste of what we're trying to accomplish. YouTube link

To get started you'll need to do a few things
  1. Join us in a Scrum (the next meeting should be displayed at the top left of this page).
  2. Get added to the Skype chat (add peteboucher or tansaku as a contact in Skype and mention 'Codealia' in the request).
  3. Fork the Codealia source code on GitHub and clone it to your local machine (create an account on GitHub if you haven't already)
  4. Here's a biggie: Get the Codealia web application running in your local development environment (we're working on a Vagrant script which will make this much simpler).
    1. You will need git, ruby and postresql installed locally (we can help you with this)
    2. run $ git clone[YourGitUsername]/
    3. cd codealia
    4. bundle install
    5. rake db:create
    6. rake db:migrate
    7. rails start
  5. Get added to our Pivotal Tracker (create an account on Pivotal Tracker if you haven't already)

Lets teach some girls to code!

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