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Existing educational programming tools

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I'm going to list some of the available educational programming tools and initiatives aimed at children to get a feel for the marketplace we are entering.

For Kids

3D Game Programming for Kids

A book and browser based JavaScript IDE


Scratch is a drag and drop based code construction set from the MIT Media Lab, that let's children (6-14) learn by building interactive animations.


An open source, volunteer led, global movement of free coding clubs for young people (5 to 17yrs). Started in Ireland in 2011 CoderDojo has grown to over 300 informal meetups in 38 countries.
Learn the basics of ruby, designed for kids at Hackety Hack! (OSX download) "Hour of Code"

A blocks based programming tool (forked from Scratch), part of an initiative by in the US to inspire young programmers. The Angry Birds branded coding puzzle is popular with kids but a little confusing directionally (in the top down maze to go up/down the coder must turn left/right then move forward). Good incentive to continue as the UX tracks your 'score' in LOC written.

How To Create A Pull Request

Knowing how to create a pull request is one of the most basic and fundamental skills for a beginner programmer to learn. Jenna Kiyasu from the DoorDash engineering team has put together an incredible guide on creating an effective pull request:


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