HTML Lesson 1

Created over 6 years ago by Pete Boucher
This is a rough draft for the content of a children's first lesson on the platform.

What is HTML?

Why do I care?

Make the case for authoring web content. Online activism. Share interests.

HTML is a simple computer language for web pages that mixes instructions for the computer with actual writing on the page.

The HT part stands for HyperText, you can think of it as a sort of starship hyperdrive for links that lets them zip you across the web without having to type in long addresses or search for anything.

Lets try adding a link to some text using HTML: Acivity 1

This way of adding links to pages was invented by a scientist called Tim Berners-Lee when he needed an easier way for people to find the pages of text in his computer system at work. Before hyperlinks you would just have to tell people to look for the file 'results.txt' in the folder '/projects/blackholes/' on Dave's computer.

Media: Animation featuring TimBL linking documents from his NeXT workstation. Client/server architecture introduction.

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