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Created over 6 years ago by Pete Boucher
Codealia wants to get girls between 9 and 14 years old involved in coding. There are way too many guys hogging the coolest programming jobs. We believe the best way to change that is to start young women off with some basic coding skills that they can build on if they want to get a great job one day, or just be better at solving problems using computers in whatever field they go on to be awesome in :)

We want you to help make the Codealia website and coding lessons fun and engaging by telling us kind of things you love to do already.

Please fill out our short questionnaire

Coding is about being creative.

Tell us what you love to create and make?


The internet is full of sites you already use that allow coders access to their data. For example Instagram lets you pull out a list of pictures tagged with "#snoopify" and display them on your own web page.

What are the websites that you spend time on, and what would you like to do to improve them?


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