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Social Media Strategy

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1. Overview

  • Website:

  • Tag: @codealia

  • Hashtag:  #codealia

  • 2. Goals

  • Promote online learning program

  • Create community around website online learning

  • Build brand awareness

  • Generate traffic for crowd funding campaign

  • 3. Success Metrics

  • FBFans________? FBLikes/Shares______?

  • Twitter Followers _________? Re-tweets_____?

  • YT views _____________? Subscribers_____?

  • Pinterest Pins____________?

  • Website sign-up/traffic _____________?

  • 4. Cross-Promotion

    a. E-mail marketing campaign? b. Merchandise Sales?

  • T-shirt, badge perk on indiegogo

  • Recommend Matching Backpack as indiegogo perk

  • 5. TrackingTools

  • FB insights

  • YT insights

  • Hootsuite/


  • 6. Deadlines?

    a. Deadline for rollout of 1st iteration website?
    b. Deadline for social media channels going live?
    c. Duration of campaign /deadline for indiegogo going live?


    1. Pinterest

  • Page URL:

  • Recommendations:

  • Local photos of volunteers and students in learning settings

  • Request Testimonials

  • We can do image collages to begin with

  • Requirements:

  • Any existing media collateral?

  • Posting frequency?

  • Who has access? Not integrated into Hootsuite?

  • 2. Blog


  • Recommendations:

  • Post at least 2x a week

  • Approved Editorial Topics Calendar

  • Request content from volunteers who are using platform

  • Build out in WordPress & integrate social media sharing/likes buttons

  • Requirements:

  • Logo name for site or brand image?

  • Will there be content-say pulled from scrum meetings at first?

  • All team members have access and can post?

  • 3. Instagram

                a. PageURL:
                b. Recommendations:

                 i. Ask for pilot programs to send us photos/selfies 1x a month
                 ii. Comment Monitoring
                 iii.  No responding

                c. Requirements

  • Any existing media?
  • Who has access? Posting frequency?
  • 4. Facebook

              a. Organization Page URL:
              b. Recommendations:

  • Will need 25 likes to get vanity URL

  • Use of infographics

  • Build trivia questions/contests into student curriculum

  • Grow fan base with mailing list & email campaign & events

  • Integrate FB comments on WP site

  • c. Requirements

  • Do we create Fan page, group page? Event listing for indiegogo?

  • Administration?

  • Monitoring/PostingFrequency?Answer questions?

  • Content Types (Newsitems,blogposts,photos,trivia,

    questions, events, Guess the right answer?)

  • Will curriculum have hackathons orcontests built in?

    That way, we can announce winners weekly or biweekly

  • How to acquire more fans?

  • Who has access? Posting frequency?

  • 5. Twitter

            a. Twitter URL:
            b. Recommendations:

  • Tweet 1x a day. Schedule ahead of time through Hootsuite.

  • Display daily tweets in blogsite sidebar

  • Integrate Twitter tweets to auto-post to FB wall? Dangerous if not properly administered!

  •       c. Requirements

    i. Monitoring? Answer questions?

    ii. Who has access? Posting frequency?

    6. YouTube

          a. ChannelURL:
          b. Recommendations:

  • Ideally 1 new video a week or every 2 weeks

  • Request 30sec- 1minute videos from volunteers, champions, sponsors, partners, teachers, coaches, parents, homeschoolers (See wireframe UI)

  •       c. Requirements       

    i. Who has posting access?
    ii. Comment monitoring/Response policy?
    iii. Video content types

    1. Teacher, coach, parent or student recap
    2. Program/Event promotion
    3. Tour of school or facility using the platform
    4. Testimonial
    5. Interview style

    iv. Create playlists?
    v. Favorite external playlists

    Great work Viv - might we have some of this, perhaps a summary in the wiki here? Thanks! Done.

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