List of Projects Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Updated over 6 years ago by E. V. Orakwue
Agile Standard Operating Procedures

1. Create product backlog with User Stories

2. Designate the following roles:
        Product Owner
        Scrum Master
        Team Members

3. Conduct Sprint Planning Meeting

4. Daily Scrum with available team members

5. Weekly Code Review meeting including
        Storytime to groom Pivotal Tracker
        Retrospective “Inspect & Adapt” for team

6. Weekly Sprint Review with product owner

7. Developer Best Practices
  • Every new idea => document user story => vote number of points
  • Only choose work from voted upon features or chores
  • Be accountable for delivering story. Pair program on a problem you can't solve on your own
  • Person submitting pull request is different from person approving the request
  • If you are pairing, ping pong code
  • If you are working on a feature that does not need a pull request, when finished with tasks/chores:
               Check off each task finished in Pivotal Tracker as soon as completed.
                Mark feature finished when ALL TASKS it contains are finished.
               Team will check work at next scrum mtng.

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