List of Projects UI architectural wireframe

UI architectural wireframe

Updated over 6 years ago by E. V. Orakwue

Above is the link to the very fast wireframe that I created today. Unfortunately, the free wire-framing tool does not let me export out as a PDF so much of the detail is lost. However, it shows the GUI architecture that would support the social media campaign listed in the Crowd Funding epic.

Note in the footer at the bottom of the page, I have listed out the drop down elements for the links in the Navigation menu except for the Lessons (which is left to the content specialists). Here is the strategy:

1) Social

  • Links out to all the social media assets including the WordPress blog and a Forum which can support the volunteers or mentors that want to communicate in a central communication channel about Codealia.

  • If a forum is too much overhead, we can rename this link to Groups and redirect it out to a Facebook group page or Google groups.

2) Mentors
  • Broken out into 4 target "audience typesā€¯ as follows:

    • Teachers will be affiliated with schools & learning institutions

    • Coaches will be individuals affiliated with organizations/charities, etc that want to

      teach the program to children

    • Parents are individuals that get involved to promote their child's education

    • Homeschoolers are a specific sub-population of parents that oversee their

      children's learning curriculum directly and need to be targeted separately (if at all)

    • Resources will refer to the training guides/instructions/videos/downloads (etc.) put

      in place that explain how to teach using the Codealia platform

    3) About Us
    • Explains our mission, our team & assistants that help make the project a reality. Note that even with 1 pilot, there will be a LOT of content moving through social media as we attempt to gain traction in the non-profit educational space as well as bring on-board other supporters.

    • Sponsors donate money to the organization [Laud them in social media]

    • Partners are companies that are supportive of Codelia by either offering free use

      of their services/facilities/samples, perks, etc. [donation in kind which is wonderful for social media giveaways or mentions]
    • In the News is for press releases and news story about the organization [Generate social media buzz]
    • Calendar will track any special events that either the team or the local Codealia groups hold or attend. As the pilot programs grows, each organization might end up having it's own local or national calendar. [More social content]

    4) Contribute
    • Donate page for online and snail mail

    • Champions are people who have donated to our program and are called out on our

      champions page. Or we can call it Donors page if the team prefers.

    • Volunteers are for those who are giving their time to help us in some way. They

      may or may not have contributed funds as well.

      Note that the champion, volunteer, sponsors & partners page will give us a reason to get information content about people who join us. This can be tweeted/posted/blogged/ collaged and otherwise reformatted for content purposes. Those sign-up pages need to request a "paragraph" from subscribers about why they chose Codealia.

    • Store will allow us to continue to market Codealia products (T-shirts, backpacks, mugs, computer covers, etc) even after the indiegogo campaign.

    • Codealia Collaborates or Codealia Codes is the "values" section of the website. We can provide heart-warming stories/photos showing how coding can be fun, engaging, social and interpersonal. Positive female role models affiliated with Codealia can write in with their inspirational life stories. This will be a hub for sponsors, champions and partners to learn about the principles we are trying to instill in the young girls.

      5) Contact

    • Lists the Frequently Asked Questions

    • Help email for those that need technical support

    • Contact form for people with questions not answered by FAQ.

    • The mailing list feeds into our email campaigns database so whoever supports our

      program will get email updates as we send them out. We can track metrics and drive further traffic to our social media sites with embedded links.

    • Finally, locations will start out with Sweden and grow as the pilots fan out to the rest of Scandinavia, etc. Usually this will link out to a Google maps API.

      Let me know what you think of this architecture as well as answers to the Social Media strategy questions. In terms of next steps, I will begin contacting owners of winning indiegogo campaigns in the upcoming week to find out best practices.

    Great work Viv - might we have some of this, perhaps a summary in the wiki here? Thanks! Done.


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