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A central hub for college events (both official and not official). This application has 3 parts:                                                                                                                                                         
1) includes club events from BLine in a calendar format

2) allows one to add events with transportation options

3) allows one to add study sessions.  

Club Events: One stop for all club information. Consolidated for a more effective user experience. Data will be scraped from B-Line & B-Engaged and displayed on a platform that allows event scheduling, event management, and additional features such as reminders or future events.

Outdoor Connection:  Connects Binghamton University students on CollegeDaily who are looking to do outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, camping, biking, and more. Students can post an event for an outdoor trip they want to go on with a description of the activity, date, location, and carpooling options. Other students can sign up for this event on CollegeDaily. The carpool option will allow students with cars to find other students to ride with them in order to reduce cost of driving and reduce pollution by having less vehicles on the road. Additionally, it allows students who do not have cars to experience the wide variety of outdoor activities in the surrounding area.

Study Session Organizer: Connect students with fellow students who want to find study groups, and/or people who are looking for tutoring.Users sign up and can navigate to sections in their subjects/courses at a university and post “Advertisements” to create study groups/sessions or users post that they need help in a certain course or topic and other users can provide assistance

Minimum Viable Product: View events, find events, create events, sign up for events, view roster for events, user accounts


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