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Project Proposal

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Project description: 

There are a lot of deals which are affordable and cheaper and are available across the markets everyday. 
But most of us are not aware of the deals at that period of time and miss it.
So, our app has the combination of all the best deals on a day to day basis from all the major stores around.
This might help people to get notified with all the cheap deals at affordable rates.

Proposed Project Team:

  • Vignesh Swamy
  • Subrahmanya Udaya Shankar
  • Harsha Amruth Sri Tontepu
  • Sandeep Valluri

Identity of other stakeholders:

Local People, Students, poor community, NGO (who serve to others), University (Pantry), Catering/Dining services

Scope of work to be completed this semester (must produce a Minimum Viable Product):
 -- Allow app owners/users to create/update new deals
  • Create a new deal available in market
  • upvote the deal if the deal is useful for others
  • update the price of deal if price is chopped
  • Initial tasks that must be implemented to launch your project
  • Webpage that displays Deals happening on the current day 
  • Filter functionality for category of deals
  • Sorting of deals based on filters


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