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Democratic Initiative

The main aim of the project “Democratic Initiatives” is to provide an opportunity and platform for common man to ventilate their views/suggestions on new/existing Laws/Bills introduced (or to be introduced). This portal could reflect the views of common people, so that government/ local bodies can readily get feedback on their proceedings.

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Description of the Minimum Viable Product:

  • User can register to the website to start or participate in the discussion.
  • User can login to the website by using their already registered credentials.
  • User can view posts/polls that are already have been created.
  • User can create new posts/polls.
  • User can edit or delete their own already created posts/polls.
  • User can comment on the posts/polls that has been already created.
  • User can edit or delete their own comments that has been already created.
  • User can update his profile.

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