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Project Overview

Updated about 6 years ago by Sam Joseph
 Please send pull requests to

See for index entries sorted by page number

Please check that errata are recorded and add new errata to spreadsheet via page below, but we are indexing older version of book, so let's leave fixing anything till indexing is finished:

The indexing process

Getting set up

  • Get access to the private textbook repo (remember these files are not for public release)
  • Fork the repo on GitHub
  • clone your forked repo to your local machine (this may take some time as the full repo is over 2GB in size)
  • Download and install the full open source LaTeX package on your machine (this is another 2GB+ download)
  • Open a fresh Terminal window cd into the sassbook directory and add the original sassbook/saasbook repo as a remote.
  • git fetch the branch content/0.10.2-index as this contains the version of the book that matches the handcrafted index we are implementing.
  • some users need to do this: cp ch_bookware/figs/Fran_Allen_small.jpg ch_bookware/figs/Fran_Allen_Small.jpg
  • now check that you are able to generate the PDF file from theTeX source using the command 'make pdf'
  • You should get a long stream or output followed by this:
  • Output written on saasbook_pdf.pdf (479 pages, 36947979 bytes).

    Transcript written on saasbook_pdf.log.

    mv saasbook_pdf.pdf saasbook.pdf


    There is a budget for this project and all members who contributed in recorded HOA sessions will receive payment on an hourly basis provided they submit a properly formatted invoice.

    An invoice template has been drafted in google docs if you need it. Be sure to check with local regulations on self-employment status and requirements.

    Timesheet spreadsheet 

    Please ensure to submit timesheets with any invoices


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