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Teacher Assistant Role - What this work gives you

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  • Certificate for completing course
  • Certificate for participating as a TA in 169

Boosting your own skills

  • Coding Skill: Teaching is a great way to learn. Helping others solve problems will round out your own knowledge.
  • Collaborative Skills: Increase your abilities to interact and work with others.
  • Online Tech Skills: As applications increasingly move online,¬†SaaS skills will become more important. Learn frontend¬†tools such as html, Javascript, bootstrap, CSS, Ajax, and backend tools like Ruby on Rails.
  • Team Management Skills: build abilities to manage groups of students and developers in order more fully understand group dynamic and systems theory and the synergy effect.
  • Software Engineering Skills: Learn the process of building complex software systems as a whole, using BDD/TDD from an architectural point of view, such as 2-tier and 3-tier systems. What tools to choose (e.g. which database, continuous deployment, PaaS providers, SaaS, SOA).
  • Agile Development Skills: Gain a fuller understanding of Agile. What is the Agile approach? What ideas are behind this development schema and how it compares to classical approaches such as waterfall.
  • Conflict Resolution Skills: In Agile, people are the most important asset you have, and managing teams is all about conflict resolution. Learn how to identify, manage, resolve, and use conflicts in order to increase your team's capabilities and performance.
  • Remote Development Skills: Grasp efficient techniques such as remote pairing and ping pong. Master online tools such as github, screenhero, pivotal tracker, kobra, madeye,,, skype, google plus, and google hangouts, among others.
  • International Environment Skills: Working with peers in the international community is a great way to build your network and learn from others. You will be working with bright professionals from all over the world. Learn to be polite (for lack of a better term), learn to work asynchronously (different time zones).

Giving Back to the Community
Use pictures in this section to illustrate the points

  • Make the world a better place: Give back to the community. Online learning is becoming a crowdsourced venture - be a part of the new wave by teaching while you learn!
  • Satisfaction from helping others: Nothing feels better than helping others. Now's your chance to get that warm fuzzy feeling!
  • Become a star! Lots of people will count on your guidance- getting known as a contributor to education and society has it's own rewards!

Portfolio Development

  • TA credit: You can add your training and participation in an online Edx/Berkeley course to your CV and resume. Distinguish yourself from others with potential employers and recruiters.
  • Pair program on projects to go in your portfolio: A large part of your resume as a developer is your github account. Pairing on projects is a great way to show your involvement and skills over time.
  • Agile Experience: Act in different roles such as scrum master, product owner, or developer in a team and learn what roles best suit you. These are great abilities to include in your CV and resume!

EDX Swag
Stuff you probably might not actually get, but maybe...

  • T-shirts
  • mugs
  • lanyards
  • puppies

Get Exposure

  • Interviews: TA's have the option to be interviewed about their experience as a world TA in a popular course.
  • Add to your network: As a TA you'll have more chances to meet others like yourself and add to your group of friends and colleagues in your chosen field.
  • Your Name in Lights: Every group and organization you become a part of increases your reach and adds to your list of accomplishments.

Being a TA will bring you:

  • a car
  • A job at GoogleX
  • a Macbook Pro
  • Long nights of helping confused students (and satisfaction!)

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