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HackBU Portal

This is a web app that will serve to foster and service Binghamton University's hacker community known as HackBU. It will provide a hub where students can build profiles based on their skills and interests and find, match, and join projects being worked on by students within the community. Students will also be able to post their projects and build a team for their project via user recommendations generated from matching user profiles to skills associated with the project. There will also be a task management portion to allow teams to track their progress as they work on their projects.

We are building a solution that will make it easier to not only find something to work on, but also to find the people you want to work with. This service will be highly influential on the future of HackBU, Binghamton University's hacker club, and will use technology to solve a frustration we all deal with daily. We are a team of 4 Binghamton CS students, hoping to build something we can leave behind to make it easier for the future programmers at our school. Take a look at our pitch video here: HackBU Portal

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