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Group Members: Jon Ball Harris Pittinsky Evan Young Jordan Cangialosi Seong Eun Kim Xinyuan Wang

We are going to create an app that will work as a tracker for independent contracters or anyone that charges an hourly fee for their services.  The app will allow the user to create jobs, create tasks for each those jobs and record how long the worked on each task, what it involved, etc.  Once the job is complete, the user will then be able to create an invoice and send it to the customer.

This app will make the lives easier of many, even private cleaning staff. The user will be able to set an hourly fee for the entire job, or for each task. The user will also be able to charge fees for miscellaneous services and include them in the total cost, which will then of course appear on the invoice in detail.

The app could be integrated with paypal or any third-party payment platform to make it even easier to work with.

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