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Harrow Bereavement Care Administration

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Groups within Harrow area of support people who visit people in need of bereavement support.  Each group responsible for a certain part of Harrow? When someone rings up needing support their details(?) are passed to group leader, who then matches them with someone in that group.

Corporate members who pay and head the groups.  Yearly membership of £200
Individual members might be visitors, but might not, yearly membership of £5
List of clients, i.e. people who need support.

There are also trustees who form the management committee.

All currently in Excel 2010 spreadsheets.

Would like to have database with all names and addresses.  Might want to send a letter to all group heads, or all trustees.  Note that individuals might be in more than one list.  At the moment updating an address involves updates in multiple spreadsheets.

Have names and addresses for attendees of conferences (annual conference has ~120 attendees), and training events (which require advertisings).  There is also data associated with CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks:

Only single administrator access at the moment.  Question about whether other volunteers should be able access data because of data protection issues.  Presumably other HBC staff should be able to access some data.

Existing development person suggesting using Access database - has database plan.

Data on the cloud has been considered but there are concerns about security.

List of administrative activities

1. Contacting a group of individuals using both email and physical mail
2. Managing email/snail mail
3. Reminders for meetings (e.g. group leader meetings, manager committee meetings)
4. Adding new people, information
5. Event organization

Important dates

  • November - renewal for individual members
  • January - renewal for corporate members
  • May - advertising conference

Possible technological approaches

  • adjusting existing spreadsheets
  • access database
  • cloud based solution

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