Meeting 02

Created over 8 years ago by Thomas Ochman
Harrow Voluntary Services Center (meeting 2)

Audio Recording

Voluntary Action Harrow (Rachel, Sarah)

Angela approved summary from last week
Maybe 1000 contact details

Rachel 900 charity contact details
Also log meetings in spreadsheets
Also CRB database contact details - selective access permissions
Lots of little event spreadsheets - created separately

Possible approaches
1. Spreadsheets - tweaking existing spreadsheet layout
2. Ms access
3. Lasa
4. SalesForce, Zoho, SugarCRM
5. Cloud solution, e.g. RubyOnRails

Agreement to have weekly meetings - to develop user stories

Rachel has idea for public website that collects together data about charities for public consumption - it’s difficult to keep databases of charity information - screen scraping can be unreliable - Sam wonders if there are APIs for that data

Action items for Sam
- dummy spreadsheet in both excel and google

Action items for Angela
- rough estimates of spreadsheets

Example User story titles
1. Mail shot on conference
2. Mail shot for training events, fund-raising events
3. Mail shot newsletter
4. Update user details
5. Adding a new person - person might phone, or email, or send letter

Also have need for different email types for different groups.  Mail shots include both physical mail/post and emails

Want to flesh out user stories about into multiple steps.  

VAH is paying for SurveyMonkey
- found it difficult to print results from Google Forms
- SurveyMonkey easier to use than Google Forms
- SurveyMonkey very easy for non-technical users

VAH is also using the free MailChimp service
- separate list of emails - tracks replies

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