Meeting 03

Created over 8 years ago by Thomas Ochman
Harrow Voluntary Services Center (meeting 3)

Audio Recording

1. Showed Draft User stories:

Added updating activity log user story:

Feature: Updating an activity log (HVA only)
As an administrator or project manager
So that I can keep a record of all work done with each organization
I want to add details of a meeting to an activity log

might need to create a report for a funder, e.g. got money from lottery - agreed to do one to one work with others orgs, and want to keep record of how much time spent with each for reporting/accounting purposes

also, in the past there have been issues with orgs getting different advice from different people in the organization - want all staff to be able to see history of interaction with organizations (to stay on message?)

updating contact details - time consuming
adding contact details - not so bad

HBC has their contact data spread over multiple spreadsheet files - e.g. individualMembers.xlsx renewal, day they paid, date thankyou letter was sent back corporateMembers.xlsx  extra columns with more details - conference sheet includes payment, which workshop they are doing etc. but bulk of spreadsheet is similar contact format

updating a contact detail
a) search for person
b) make change
c) searching for other locations

adding a contact
a) scroll to bottom of appropriate list
b) add contact details

sending out mailing
a) grab all emails from a spreadsheet
b) repeat for other spreadsheets
c) try and avoid email going out more than once

HVA has similar to above - HVA has CRB details in column - HBC has separate CRB file

Activity logs could link to google documents rather than a complete paragraph

HVA would like contact details of individuals from same organization to be linked

2. Reviewed Sam’s mocked up spreadsheets
Talked about cloud security
Showed Google revision history
Showed Google drive local support
Talked about how good the revision history is for multiple collaborators
Talked about security of Google docs:

Talked about how sharing links to google docs is definitely safer than sending plan excel attachments

Talked about excel/google spreadsheet courses:

mail chimp can integrate with google docs ...

actions items:
sam - flesh out scenarios
sam - get set up with mailchimp
sam - multi-file excel model
rachel - empty model of existing spreadsheet data RECEIVED
angela - empty model of excel files?

Other notes:
If we go to a single sheet database model it has the disadvantage that user must remember to do all editing on the single database sheet ...

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