Meeting 04

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Angela told us that the trustees for HBC has decided to go with a MS Access database, so they will drop out for the moment, and we will focus on working with VAH, which is a good match for the SaaS class since VAH is already working in a cloud

Reviewed minutes from previous week

Met Alex who is the VAH website person

VAH not using Excel except occasionally to send things via email to people not familiar with Google Spreadsheets

Reviewed user stories document - new story (with two different stakeholders) about signing people up for an event.  Rachel added a google form to sign people up for an event.

Talked with Alex about embedding form into website (wordpress)

Form creates a new spreadsheet, but new one was being created for each event anyway.  However there is the problem that when creating a report (e.g. a funding report) that the contact details for those signed up for an event might be not be remembered to be put in the report, so Rachel and Sarah would like the activity log included details of that event (perhaps with information pulled from the event sign up sheet).

Talked through the granularity of the relation between the sign up sheets and the activity log.  Event is what should go into the activity log - but might have one entry for each organization that attended the event.

Sarah talked about using the activity log so that she could work out which activities were most effective, e.g. we went to the town center on international volunteer day and how many signups did we get, is it worth doing it again this year.

Talked about structure of users stories (features), As a (Stakeholder), so that I can achieve (goal), I want to do (task)

Example task would be getting contact information from everyone who ever expressed interest in being a trustee to invite them to a meeting about trustees … makes Sam wonder which are really the most frequent activities … could Sam spent more time watching VAH work

Sam showed list view of the spreadsheets for filtering etc.

Sam showed his single contact storage version of the VAH spreadsheet.

Lost rest of meeting due to incoming phone call on iPhone

Think we said that we’d leave VAH to play with new toys :-) and see where we got to.  Sam also talked about integration with MailChimp, and we talked about the possibility of moving to another meeting day ...

Also talked about transition strategy and how careful planning might be required to move succesfully from one system to another, although there’s an extent to which Sarah & Rachel can just experiment with new functionality one element at a time ...

ALL- work out new meeting time
SAM - develop detailed scenarios
Sarah/Rachel - play with new functionality

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