Meeting 05

Created over 8 years ago by Thomas Ochman

1. showed cucumber scenarios to Rachel     

2. Rachel showed me how the CRB sheet includes columns for noting if form has been sent back by CRB, and when it is sent on to the requesting organization

however historical CRB data broken out into quarters, so that the pending applications tab has a relatively small amount of data in it

CRB spreadsheet includes sheet of organizations that are requesting the CRB checks, as well as contact details on the individuals they are checking, however the individual contact details are not something that VAH needs to maintain.  The main use of the CRB spreadsheet is to manage the pending applications.  Once the applications have been completed the historical data is only really needed for reporting purposes, e.g. VAH has done 10 CRB checks for organization X etc.

Could have custom app to support this, but google spreadsheets is great that it allows very simple addition of columns.  spreadsheet query could be used here to DRY things out, but has danger that link can be broken too easily …

main charitable organisation list is screenscraped from guidestar, which allows search by postcode. They get data from charity commission.  Open charities good, but address is single line and can’t search by postcode …

charity orgs currently spread across a number of spreadsheets, including guidestar screen scape

[Note Guidestar US has API access, but UK version does not ...]

Sam brainstormed separate charity database app which could be plugged into activity log spreadsheets etc., but there is a suggestion for a public facing web display of harrow charities.  Interesting challenge about keeping that up to date.  Rachel would like to have information about non-profits other than charities ...

Rachel concerned about making it quick to enter information in the activity log and other spreadsheets, e.g. a drop down menu to ease entering categories etc

Part of the challenge is trying to get people to make sure that they update the documentation, but they are more likely to do so if it is less effort to enter data.  Also this could help improve consistency for when the data is reviewed later to generate reports

Existing Activity Log solutions, CRM management?

Concern about avoiding multiple emails to same person

Mail chimp can grab a set of emails from a google spreadsheet to do a mailing …

Had a look at creating and copying draft emails in gmail - not so easy as it is in thunderbird

All: next meeting time
Sam: work on harrow non-profit/charity database solution

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