Meeting 08

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Sam a bit short on time due to teaching 3 classes
Rachel thinks charity choice micro sites are kind of expensive

Sam showed data based on precise postcode manage
Sam showed class project pages on EdX

Charity Commission data is a great seed set, we might miss new charities, but perhaps that is not so important - can maybe grab updates from opencharities … maybe getting a perfect dataflow is less important up front

Rachel made point that need to have “active” charities - those on commission list may not be

Note that some charities based at Northwick park are not included, but perhaps they are technically in Brent - from a political point of view don’t want to tread on toes of similar organizations to VAH in other boroughs

VAH not currently funded by council - is all funding from CRB checks?

Rachel already using Google Sites for another charity she is involved in

Can use Google Site for some prototyping

Alex worried about data storage issues, but doesn’t seem like a serious challenge if we are specific to the Harrow area

Sam showed quick Lo-Fi interface sketching

Organizations that want to update their details will find a way, although we should ensure there are multiple ways to get in touch.

Sam thinks that it would be good to have individual contact with organizations at the beginning - automated update may come later if gets bigger.  In first instance we want to discuss with these people what their needs are.

Sam wondering whether all functionality can go in google - app scripts?

Emphasized getting one single feature working at a time

persona login, single sign on via mozilla, google or microsoft

need to be careful about what is the technical level of the average harrow resident - will they be using google at all?  will they have facebook and twitter logins?


Rachel sketching
Rachel looking at the list of stories (for priority)

Sam make test google site with embedded map and add rachel:

Sam get user stories into pivotal/github

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