Meeting 09

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Thoughts in advance of meeting:

Thinking about how effective google is as a search tool for current local residents.  Does it replace the need for a specific search tool if we can embed google directly in the site

Notes from the meeting:

VAH Applying for Quality Mark - and one question is how do you back up your data.  Want to know how secure Google Cloud it.  
Sam says check Google terms of service:
Should enable offline viewing on drive (not clear if it’s easy to take one’s own backup)

Office 365 vs. Google Drive

Sam will try to get meeting notes written up by Wednesday each week
Rachel already shared site with someone and got some positive feedback about being a good view of all the charities in Harrow
Sam had a bit of trouble creating Google Site: ← Test site

Looked at sketches
- rachel imagining results split into those in and out of harrow
- “is this your organization”
- map can scroll to appropriate level
- orgs might have multiple locations that they offer services at
- register/update
- business partners
- for charities tab

examples of less well known charities
removing de-registered charities
most smaller charities don’t have a website
search engine optimization issues

example of search for “help with an elderly relative”, might produce hits like

  • age UK
  • Indian Elders

Sam thinking that text match against title and activities is the way to go
Rachel saying it will probably only work if charities actually come on and update their own details

Sam talked about value of having browsing as well as a search box - idea of a directory
Could a directory with top level categories be helpful?
Rachel was thinking that dropdown list might do this.
Danger of having only word completion is that people don’t see the categories
Danger of drop down is that people might not look at it

Sam started experimenting with embedded Google site embedded search

Would be nice if all our data would be searched by Google

Could also split orgs into those that have been updated and those that haven’t

Showed Alex CSSZenGarden

Rachel; Advertising? AdWords?
Sam: probably good to avoid advertising as we get started - once site has something of value perhaps that would help
Rachel: ultimately charge groups to maintain their data

Meeting Summary:

1) embedding google search
2) browsing lists


Rachel: list of categories
Rachel: additional scenarios

Sam: investigate embedding google search
Sam: flesh out scenarios
Sam: set up custom site
Sam: scan lo-fi images

Alex: take a look at CSS on Google Sites

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