Meeting 10

Created over 8 years ago by Thomas Ochman
Reviewed the functionality in the current site:

The home page contains a fusiontables backed map and cards based on data from the charity commission:

The categories page shows how a directory structure might be created in Google sites (categories based on charity commission terms):

The Google Custom search shows a Google Custom search widget can be embedded in Google sites: would be nice if we could work out how to make the search default to include harrow by default

The Google Map page shows an embedded view of Google maps searched for “Harrow Charities”

The Search by Activity page contains a fusiontables backed map and cards with search functionality added via JavaScript:

Google has a places service  which allows organizations to update their address and contact details etc. in Google’s own directory.  Although I notice that Google places seems like it might be transferring to Google+ Local ...

Outstanding question is how to most effectively merge custom solutions with Google solutions, and possibly those from other providers, e.g.

Sam needs to roll out a custom Rails solution to start experimenting


Sam: flesh out scenarios
Sam: set up custom site
Sam: scan lo-fi images
Sam: Alex wants examples of nicely formatted google sites - how to CSS in google sites, how to search over data → A-Z

Rachel: updating VAH on google places
Rachel: sub categories list

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