Meeting 101

Updated almost 7 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:

  • (sam) quarterly invoicing
  • (sam) contact dominic bloomfield at team london about APIs (DONE)

Action items
  • (Rachel) to submit funding request


  • (sam) make staging have SSL certs and custom domain name [NEEDS MONEY]
  • Sam: work on smoothing flows into the system ...  -->
  • (Sam) mail chimp integration (make feature)
  • (Sam) AV constitution 
    • should include where funds go when company is wound up
    • revise constitution for new types of entity, e.g. directors
      • media trust
      • charities4IT
      • bathtub2boardroom
  • (Sam) charity status requires 3 trustees (Steve, Rachel, Alex?) and following charity commission rules
  • (Sam/Alex) SEO (chore) [STARTED]
  • (Sam) look into having our emails not go into spam folders ... (mailchimp)
  • (Sam) how to integrate with 3SP volunteer center ?

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