Meeting 109

Updated over 6 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:

* (sam) quarterly invoicing
* (Rachel) to submit funding request STARTED
* (sam) event epic? [rachel says: problem is manpower to upload to multiple events site problem with any system (events, directory, volunteering) is getting everyone to go there]
   * council events page, harrow times events page, and then individual org websites (age uk harrow event calender, mind in harrow event calendar), facebook?, twitter?
  * system with plugins
  * key needs (single place that harvests all events, and can distribute to all systems)
* (rachel) send contract DONE
* (sam) prototype using the do-it API


* Do-IT collaboration
* Usual review
  * new functions
    - UI update
    - keep search bar in place

Action items

* next week meeting time


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