Meeting 113

Updated over 6 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:

* (Rachel) to submit funding request STARTED
* (sam) icons for volunteers - can we use same hi-res as main page, but in different color for volunteers - or perhaps stick with smaller ones that Yana chose NO ACTION NEEDED?
* (sam) create tickets for items from discussion
  - full width map (remove list)
  - remove our own volunteer listings <-- KEEP
  - need to use do-it logo? YES
  - what to link to in the popups (link straight to do-it) DONE
  - how to merge the list view if we keep it (tabs)
  - should we pull organisations from do-it into our system [feature]
  - aiming to have team london etc. pull in [feature]
  - switch to volunteer for landing page? [feature]
  - appearing when people search for 'harrow volunteering' [feature]
* (rachel) check contract for whether we need to use logo DONE


* Do-IT collaboration
* Usual review
* Agile Ventures Constitution

Action items

* (sam) provide rachel with access to new do-it functionality somewhere
* (sam) organize volunteer ops by "most recent" [feature]
* (sam) search feature for volunteer ops? [feature]
* (sam) get "powered by doit" logo for inclusion in system EMAILED HOPE
* (sam) need notes to the effect that [feature]
  1. bring to the attention of each Website User that their use of any National Volunteering Database Materials is subject to the Do­it Restrictions (for the avoidance of doubt this can be achieved through a notice stating ‘subject to the restrictions as specified at­’ together with a direct link to the Do­it

    Restrictions on each page or template displaying, linking to or referring to the National Volunteering Database or any National Volunteering Database Materials); 

* (Rachel) more formal docs for VAHC-AgileVentures relation


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