Meeting 114

Updated over 6 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:

* (sam) icons for volunteers - can we use same hi-res as main page, but in different color for volunteers - or perhaps stick with smaller ones that Yana chose NO ACTION NEEDED?
* (Rachel) more formal docs for VAHC-AgileVentures relation


* Do-IT collaboration
  - what we do about out of date ops from do-it (date filter, disclaimer?)
  - merge lists and order by recency, since users don't really care where op comes from
  - really would like to see all opportunities and orgs in a single location
  - Rachel preferred smaller icons (from previous demo)
* Usual review
* Council/doit meeting
* Agile Ventures Constitution

Action items

* (sam) talk to Alex before council meeting
* (sam) trustees

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