Meeting 118

Updated about 6 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:

* (sam) rachel/alex interested in being able to de-list organisations from do-it where the org no longer exists, but still has vol ops on doit
  - ensuring if something is removed from doit it is removed on our system (feature)
  - executive ability to remove something that is still on doit (feature)
* (sam) icons for volunteers - Rachel prefers smaller icons (feature)
  - really would like to see all opportunities and orgs in a single location (feature)
  - Rachel preferred smaller icons (from previous demo)
* (Rachel) more formal docs for VAHC-AgileVentures relation
*  would be nice to know if vbase email templates can be linked to explicit workflow steps ASKED - but what did the answer mean?
* (rachel) updating related to our policy on user data
* (sam) note that rachel logging in to delete vol op was redirected to home page rather than the page she was last on (UX bug)
* (sam) doit ops should open in new window by default (both from list and map) (feature)
* (sam) volop search should appear on individual volop pages (feature)
* (sam) create feature for posting our vol ops to Do-IT (feature)
* (sam) work out date for meeting with council with alex [DONE]
* (sam) work out about forum posting with alex  [DONE]


* Usual review
  - accept/reject
* Do-IT; Council; Consortium
  - Volunteer Centre - does that have special API access to do-it?
* Agile Ventures premium, and charity facing site

Action items

* (sam) careful deploying friendly id as we will potentially increase size of many icons
* (sam) can we filter PT to only show features? to help client review YES
* (sam) review icebox
* (sam) can orgs on do-it get extra info through the API - ask Chris EMAILED


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