Meeting 13

Created over 8 years ago by Thomas Ochman
Action Items from last week:

ACTION ITEM - Sam look at linking spreadsheets to gmail tasks DONE
ACTION ITEM - Sam category features in custom site DONE
ACTION ITEM - Sam allow Rachel able to edit/comment in pivotal tracker DONE
ACTION ITEM - Sam: feature on API to google places and open street map DONE
ACTION ITEM - Sam: feature on FAQ for charities - how to talk to open charities, google, charity commission DONE
ACTION ITEM - Sam: need feature in cucumber for local charity doing search on behalf of local resident MAYBE NOT REQUIRED IF RESULTS ARE SAME


1) Review Pivotal Tracker with Rachel
2) Show maps integration with custom site
3) talk about gmail tasks
4) google form validation

Action item:

discuss with alex about styling - embedding in wordpress
Sam: investigate sending emails at future dates
sam: custom forms for google spreadsheet to have a flow to enter the data but also have drop down forms
rachel; review pivotaltracker at leisure

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