Meeting 132

Updated over 5 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:

* (sam) investigate alternate cheaper security ... drie CONTINUING
* (sam) add some features to allow individual orgs to highlight their volunteer ops on their sites, or possibly even have us able to pull those in directly from their sites: --> create feature
* (sam) think about mailing list issues for VAHC (mailchimp too expensive)- maybe
* (sam) deploy all new stuff DONE
* (sam) review Marouen's new doc and get ready to present to Rachel

* Usual review (ensure we see bugs)
  - two possible new features from Pedro
   - registering user can select an org they are a member of  ("New Organisation, Sign up?")
   - admin can propose an org to a user
* Do-IT; Council; Consortium (increasing participation from disadvantaged groups)
* Slack
* AV charity
* Feedback on Agile Project Development meeting

Action items
* (sam) review process of features only is missing stuff
* (sam) note currently on page 4 in search for "harrow volunteering" - weekly check
* (sam) follow up on team london DONE
* (sam) follow up with doit about API POST
* (sam) give charity commission a ring

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