meeting 134

Updated over 5 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:

* (sam) investigate alternate cheaper security ... drie CONTINUING
* (sam) think about mailing list issues for VAHC (mailchimp too expensive)- maybe STARTED READING DOCUMENTATION
* (sam) review Marouen's new doc and get ready to present to Rachel REVIEWED BUT NOT READY
* (sam) note currently on page 4 in search for "harrow volunteering" - weekly check
  - now on page 1 - yay!
* (sam) look into adwords for google non-profits (Google Ad Grants) $10,000
* (sam) AGM meeting within 18 months
* (sam/rachel) difference between donation and membership fee and services (understanding all of gift aid, tax deductable?, payroll giving)
* (sam) Should we use an agile board for managing the meeting agenda?

* Usual review (ensure we see bugs)
* Do-IT; Council; Consortium (increasing participation from disadvantaged groups)
  - focus on helping people find opportunities for the disadvantaged individuals
* Slack
* Feedback on Agile Project Development workshop --> uniformly good

Action items
* (sam) follow up on team london again EMAILED
* (sam) follow up with doit and marouen about API POST - EMAILED marouen
* (sam) check we have ticket and voting on this issue from Rachel: feature

> * Usage feedback
   - trying to work with a zoomed in portion of the map - individual charities don't give right click pop-up - going back resets the map position
       - could auto-open org links in map in new tab
       - could have map maintain previous position
       - could make sure that right-click pop up works within map

* (sam) researching agile practises for next workshop - asking in Digital Charities Slack

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