meeting 137

Updated about 5 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:

* (Sam) investigate alternate cheaper security ... drie CONTINUING - ON HOLD
* (Sam) think about mailing list issues for VAHC (mailchimp too expensive)- maybe STARTED READING DOCUMENTATION, NOW LOOKING at elastic mail
* (Sam) note currently on page 4 in search for "harrow volunteering" - weekly check
  - now on page 1 - yay! - in 10th place - now in 6th place - depends if we search for phrase or not
* (Sam) follow up on team london again EMAILED, FOLLOW UP EMAIL
* (Sam) follow up with doit and marouen about API POST - EMAILED marouen --> Marouen working on this
* (Sam) get all events stuff revoted and moved to top of icebox
* (sam) SEO can we get more strongly associated with "harrow" and "volunteering" --> ask Lara
* (sam) exclude dev/admin use from analytics
* (sam) reply to Iskren


* Usual review (ensure we see bugs)
* Do-IT; Council; Consortium (increasing participation from disadvantaged groups)
  - focus on helping people find opportunities for the disadvantaged individuals

Action items

* (sam) try LocalSupport on new drie system
* (sam) ask lara about "harrow volunteering" vs "harrow" and "volunteering"

AV Charity Items

* (sam) AGM meeting within 18 months
* (sam/rachel) difference between donation and membership fee and services (understanding all of gift aid, tax deductable?, payroll giving)
* (Sam) researching agile practises for next workshop - asking in Digital Charities Slack DONE
* (Sam) reach out to Bryan to arrange AV trustee meeting


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