meeting 143

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Outstanding Action Items:

* (Sam) follow up with doit and marouen about API POST - EMAILED marouen --> Marouen working on this DONE
* (Sam) exclude dev/admin use from analytics
* (sam) ASAP sort the HCN server costs --> send invoice
* (sam) could we export our volop data to Location Counts
* (sam) update everyone about changing priorities
* (sam) sort out stuck tickets


* May 11th event -  IT subgroup
  - Voluntary and Community Sector forum (meets every few months)
    - Bill hoping to set up an IT subgroup

* Finance for HCN - ASAP reduce outgoings
* Usual review (ensure we see bugs)

Action items
* (sam) double check submitting AV op through HCN - and then pass on link to Alex for posting VAHC op
* (sam) speak to team london and doit again and ask how the popupharrow org created via team london site was able to be added to list of orgs that VAHC is managing on do-it


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