Meeting 15

Created over 8 years ago by Thomas Ochman
Action items from last time:
  • SAM: alex would like to be using word templates google drive (EMAILED)
  • SAM: how do VAH get the new google drive features (forms, create templates) (EMAILED)
  • SAM: send pivotal and live site to alex (DONE)

Agenda items
  • Hooking up  --> we talked through the difference between and and alex adjusting the 123reg settings in order to make point directly at the site - waiting to see if that worked
  • Site progress --> reviewed the address editing bug fix, which lead us to a gmaps4rails error that will need work.  We got the sign in/up/out approved, but generated requirements for the process to be streamlined, links made available on home page
  • Styling the site  --> checked out what the site looks like with alex's css and got a dropbox link from alex that the site should point to:
Note: Client mentioned that Small Charities week is 17th-21st June - would be nice to show this to some people at this time - could the site be ready to show then?

Action Item

Sam: create production site, styling site, development site
Sam: will need disclaimer in the site that we can't guarantee that any information is correct
Sam: need links to sign in etc,
Sam: need to be independent of google maps service, i.e. have directory still work etc.
Sam: hook up the CSS so Alex can make changes:

Annoyingly we didn't capture the meeting audio, but we do have the video:

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