Meeting 47

Created over 8 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action items

* sam/jon - more rigorous test of targeted mailing (fake orgs with dev emails etc. for testing)
* Rachel: mockups of this is my org/org page
* Sam: this is my org button should not be any more prominent than the org title --> get some mockups
* thomas: full width map mockups
* sam : way to auto shut down google forms- looks like we could script it, but isn't it simpler to just communicate to users that there's a limit and that even if they sign up they may not get a place, but will be auto-added to the waiting list?


  • Pivotal Tracker
    • show the new targeted email UI
action items
sam: redirect reset DONE
sam: extend reset duration DONE
sam: feature for batch creation of user accounts [DONE?]

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