Meeting 48

Created over 8 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items

* sam/jon - more rigorous test of targeted mailing (fake orgs with dev emails etc. for testing)
* Rachel: mockups of this is my org/org page
* Sam: this is my org button should not be any more prominent than the org title --> get some mockups
* thomas: full width map mockups


* Pivotal tracker
---- targeted emails
---- admin interface
* Events (upcoming)
--- something aimed at the business sector in March
--- HCA (Harrow Community Action) Consortium (set up over the last year)
----- has won a contract to offer support to local sector
----- VAH taking on coordination role
-------- doing a launch in April (public launch for HCN)
* Steve (Capable Communities (CC), 3rd Sector Potential (3SP))
----- CC raising support and capacity building
----- set up a "volunteer centre" and raising money for it
---- Steve using to start coordinating volunteers

* organizations home page link (with call to action if not updated recently; in site, and/or email)
----- yearly reminder to update details?
----- could be a banner rather than link in menu that has to pop up (alert to pop up)
----- maybe both banner and link in popup for later navigation
* (display last edited information on all orgs - for admin only?; for all users?)
* for the map - could have org icon differentiated by associated with user, and/or time of last update
* cookie message not so good when causing page reload - particularly for pre-approved users
* devise invite-able

Action Item:
* sam - get all ideas in tracker (DONE)

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