Meeting 51

Updated over 8 years ago by Sam Joseph
 Outstanding Action Items

  • Rachel: mockups of this is my org/org page [DONE]
  • Sam: this is my org button should not be any more prominent than the org title --> get some mockups DONE
  • thomas: full width map mockups 
  • check times for next week to see if we can overlap with other organization for testing
  • costings for different levels of volunteer epic DONE
    --- market rates versus what can be offered to third sector DONE
    --- creation of system, versus maintenance of the system DONE
  • discuss nominet funding in 1 weeks

  • feedback from targeted email signup
    • "Change your password" banner text was confusing
    • then confused about what to press, "change my password" button or "sign-up/sign-in" links
      • do we need sign_in/sign_up links on change password page anyway
    • edit page
      • didn't notice publish address or publish phone
      • confusion over donation info meaning
        • Alex suggests "Donation Link (e.g."
    • ? ease of finding home page?
  • confirm individual org page looking okay
  • tracker
  • Ealing
    • looking to do a charity directory - one platform, one space - easily communicated to.  Initially health organizations but hoping to open it up. Alex told them about VAH and they sounded interested.  They are at research stage.
    • Alex to follow up with them
  • Sheffield
Action Items:

Sam: create chore for ensuring site is always on chore DONE
Sam: polishing target email sign up process based on new feedback DONE


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