Meeting 53

Updated over 8 years ago by Sam Joseph
 Outstanding Action Items

  • Rachel: check nominet funding information DONE
  • Rachel: email formatting for invite DONE
  • Sam: ensure goes to rachel [IN PROGRESS] [DONE]
    Sam: create forward to sam [IN PROGRESS] [DONE]
  • Sam: get team voting on changing donation info name story and feature for finding home page  [DONE]
  • thomas: full width map mockups --> passing to Bryan [DONE]
  • thomas: link editing --> passing to David [DONE]
  • check times for next week to see if we can overlap with other organization for testing

  • Sam created AV nonprofit
  • Turns out was not active - added story about tracking inactive emails
  • Tracker (deployed new invitation system to master)
  • Proposal for Steve
  • Ealing
    • Alex will email them
  • Hackney Giving and Islington Giving
Action Items:


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