Meeting 56

Updated about 8 years ago by Sam Joseph
Previous Action Items:

  • Rachel: Nominet Proposal [SUBMITTED]
  • Rachel: More user testing [POSTPONED]
  • Sam: get new email text out [DONE]
  • Rachel: new proposal to Steve [DONE]
  • Sam: event costing --> nominet cost ... [DONE]
  • Sam: deploy invitation to production [DONE]
  • Rachel: nominet proposal [DONE]
  • Sam: keep on assessing ninefold


  • Pivotal
  • frequency of meeting with Steve
  • starting volunteer epic
  • results from more user testing?
  • Ealing 
  • Maps
  • SSL security issues


* Sam: draw lofis
* Sam: work on smoothing flows into the system ...
* Sam: must get SSL certificate (cheaper through resellers, nonprofit discount?)  http://startssl.com , [DONE]

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