Meeting 65

Updated almost 8 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding action Items

  • Sam: volunteer ops should include "Role(?) Description", "Skills/Experience Needed", "When Volunteer Needed", "Contact details" (particularly if different from main org details), "About org" (pulled in from org details), which could all be optional - title and description are required ...
  • Sam: work on smoothing flows into the system ...
  • Rachel: More user testing 
  • Sam -  send form CHA1 sent to HMRC - to get waiver on corporation tax
  • (Sam) make progress on updating all user admin page to have dates and sorting DONE
  • (Sam) some way of emailing a subset of the users  --> mail chimp integration
  • (Sam) constitution should include where funds go when company is wound up
  • (Sam) have hyperlinks in volunteer pages open in new tab/window
  • (Sam) removing existing admin user associated with st. john's harrow so we can do invite to DONE
  • (Sam) deploy volunteer ops to production - copying over data DONE
  • (Alex) doing icon for volunteers ...

  • Trustee requirements
  • Pivotal (new features - delete for admins and sort on admin user table plus last_login)
  • Volunteer Epic
  • Chores
Action Items
  • (Sam) revise constitution for new types of entity, e.g. directors
  • (Sam)  remove (This functionality is not yet live, but will be soon!)
  • (Rachel) new invite text (including volunteer feature)
  • (Sam) get new invite text into emails
  • (sam) acts_as_paranoid on pages
  • (Sam) cost up making the website accessible: e.g. "Develop an accessible website, offering voice-over technology, symbols, pictures and translation facilities to assist in the recruitment of disadvantaged volunteers. " - standard website often costed at 2K+

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