Meeting 71

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Outstanding action Items

  • Sam: work on smoothing flows into the system ...  -->
  • (Sam) some way of emailing a subset of the users  --> mail chimp integration
  • (Sam) AV constitution 
    • should include where funds go when company is wound up
    • revise constitution for new types of entity, e.g. directors
  • (alex) psd images [RECEIVED]
  • (rachel) - update google form with notes from Sarah
  • (alex) approach CVS's (Council for Voluntary Services) (each borough has one of these) (rachel sobus)
  • (alex/rachel): look at nominet funding ASAP [DONE]
  • (sam): SEO (chore) [IN PROGRESS]
  • (sam) organisation description should maintain line breaks (chore) [DONE?]
  • (sam) rachel would like to be able to decline requests - be able to get in touch with person requesting to check who they are, e.g. emailing them to give them a number to call etc.
  • (sam) approved org admins should get notification
  • (sam) look into having our emails not go into spam folders ...

Agenda from 3rd Sector potential

* where we coming from 

-- 3rd sector potential (operating volunteer centre) goals
---- want to make sure we are coordinated
---- want to make sure we have a good local site
---- need to link to do-it site (new site on Nov 25th)
---- need to link between the two sites
---- survey(?) funding application going in to the lottery - high end needs - survey results indicated not so much of a need 
---- new look wanted
---- 3rd Sector Potential is the Harrow Volunteer center for Do-It - working in a 5 mile radius - which happens to include Watford - which is in a different borough (Hertfordshire) - requests from those areas are minimal
------ when do-it upgrade it should become easier (automated) to handle out of borough volunteers
------ benefit changes mean that there is an upsurge in people wanting to volunteer - Steve wants to take into account motivation of volunteers when placing them
------ Ramesh - some people will mutliply apply with not necessarily the intention of following through for benefits 
---- Steve: have letter from do-it explaining that 3SP will need to double check all the details going from the old site to the new site
--- Steve: new website has self-registering which makes it easier (no demo of the site yet)
--- desktop software used to upload volunteer opportunities
----Rachel: Voluntary Action Harrow (VAH) - previous org was building a directory of non-profits

* understanding the volunteer registration process
--- searching for certain kinds of volunteers currently all manual
* showing 3SP HCN
* future planning (do-it)
---- steve interested in brokering volunteers and organisations 
---- Steve interested in "tracking who is volunteering for what and why", particularly the skill set of the volunteer and how long they want to volunteer in order to avoid mismatch between time that can be offered and what is needed by the org, c.f. medical students volunteering for course requirements, not matching needs of elderly peoples home ...

Ramesh helped us created some diagrams of how the volunteer center operates:

action items:
* do-it api (sam)  helpful guy called Paul at - Steve scheduled phone call with him a month from now
* understand automating the volunteer sign up process across multiple orgs


  • HMRC --> can't avoid corporation tax unless you are a charity
  • Harrow Heroes
  • check out new feature on production - see pivotal
  • check out upcoming features on staging - see pivotal
  • pivotal tracker review
  • meeting times

Action items
  • charity status requires 3 trustees (Steve?, Rachel?) and following charity commission rules

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