Meeting 90

Updated about 7 years ago by Sam Joseph

Outstanding Action Items:

  • look at automated update of charities (sam)
  • Sam; delete DONE
  • sam; check in with do-it about sharing data (
  • (michael/marian/jon) as regards old form add in question regarding "Please Confirm you are a not for profit organisation and are registered / working in Harrow" make sure that is stored privately and visible to admin
  • consider multi columns for categories (feature)
  • (michael/marian/jon) email alert when new org is created would be useful


  • Issue - 1. org created by Rachel (was able to add an admin), 2. sent invite (not through the system) to two email addresses - 3. person who had the admin email rather than the contact email, signed up and didn't automatically have access to the organization, 4. admin person then clicked 'this is my org' (we assume) 5. rachel approved and they now have access, however, we would have liked them to be automatically connected
  • Usual review
Action items
  • on org edit page 'superadministrator' text looks wrong (feature)
  • find the feature on auto-creating users when adding an email for admin of org and prioritize DONE (feature)
  • prioritize for email notifications DONE
  • when clicking 'add org' button - could have message in sign up box to say 'please login or signup to add org' --> similarly for the TIMO button?  (added as activity to this feature)
  • add org link for non-admin user failed to do anything - went direct to organisations/new and was told no permission --> after meeting went to proposed_organisations/new directly (for some reason clicking on link itself fails) and tried to submit proposed org, but that gave a 404 page not found response: and the proposed org did not show up in the proposed org list

  • (sam) make staging have SSL certs and custom domain name
  • Sam: work on smoothing flows into the system ...  -->
  • (Sam) mail chimp integration (make feature)
  • (Sam) AV constitution 
    • should include where funds go when company is wound up
    • revise constitution for new types of entity, e.g. directors
      • media trust
      • charities4IT
      • bathtub2boardroom
  • (Sam) charity status requires 3 trustees (Steve, Rachel, Alex?) and following charity commission rules
  • (Alex) approach CVS's (Council for Voluntary Services) (each borough has one of these) (Rachel Sobus)
  • (Sam/Alex) SEO (chore) [STARTED]
  • (Sam) look into having our emails not go into spam folders ... (mailchimp)
  • (Sam) how to integrate with 3SP volunteer center ??
  • (Sam) ensure data dumped from production (just id and name)
  • (Jit) checking for duplicate orgs 

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